Travel Advice

What makes a travel blog stand out? Is it the design, the incorporation of travel guides with food guides, or even the inclusion of a “shopping closet” to enable one to best fashion style to the environment?

When we look at travel guides like those done by isabellevo, one of the key factors are the inclusion of Instagram moments.

One of the objectives of any avid traveler is to visit every country on the globe ( Certain travelers have aspired to that and even memorialized that through graphics on their blogs listing how many countries and counting.

Fortunately, with the world always changing there are often new countries added to the map, providing an endless objective for all of us ( For those who are quite advanced in their travels, there is also the aspiration to visit every region! When you add continents into the equation, there is really no way to achieve the objective easily.

It becomes a lifetime pursuit. And some places are not so easy to get to. Try the expense of a trip to Antarctica! Or the challenge of visiting North Korea. Add into the mix a war or two. Not for the faint hearted for sure. Travel blogs with innovative itineraries and unique destinations are sure to capture more attention than blogs that repeat guide books.

And how about mode of transport? Sure, we can all travel the world by plane. But how about surface only? An adventure that combines trains and boats to circle the globe means you will need to take quite some time off! There is a club that promotes achieving this objective this in stages though.

Over a period of several years and some well-planned vacations, you too can travel the globe. For example, an Iceland road trip can be accomplished through a 3-day guide. A Day trip to Tallin, Estonia can be done by boat from Helsinki ( Russia can be crossed by train without even stopping! For the ocean legs, will you choose a luxury cruise? Or adventure as one of a few passengers on a working freighter! The possibilities are endless.

If your travel blog can add interesting modes of transportation, in addition to information about the destination itself, that is real value add for the discerning traveller.